Friday, November 26, 2010

Stand O' Food - G5 Entertainment

The Overview

Stand O' Food is a game where you are the proud owner of a fast food chain, serving customers greasy burgers, delicious omelets, cool salads, and more! Be careful, though! The customers get angry fast and leave if you don't make their food fast enough! Don't worry, though; you can buy nearly 20 upgrades to help you along your journey, including an air conditioning system and a jukebox, both of which make the customers more patient. There are also more than 80 (yes, 80!) sandwiches to create, and two game modes!

The Review

This game may easily be the best game out of my 140 games on my iPod Touch, and definitely the most original idea. You really need to see this game to believe it's amazing graphics and absolutely perfect gameplay. In the 3 or 4 months I've had it, it has only lagged once or twice, and to stay on my iPod that long without me wanting to get rid of it is quite an achievement for a game! And all that time, me playing it nearly daily, it has never gotten boring despite me having beaten the story mode. It has that sense of replayability not every game has. If you get only one game, you should highly consider this one.

The Rating

6/5! (Yes, that IS a 6!)

The Recommendation

I definitely recommend this game! Also, you should try G5 Entertainment's other games; most of their games are equally awesome!!

The Price


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