Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ultimate Word Search - EnsenaSoft

The Overview

Ultimate Word Search is exactly what it's name suggests-a word search app. it has 63 categories to choose from, in 5 different languages-English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and German, so it's playable in many different countries. There are 23 English categories, 11 Portuguese categories, 11 French categories, 8 Spanish categories, and 11 German categories. There are also 6 different themes to choose from, including Newspaper and Letter Soup, which comes in three different colors.

The Review

This is an amazing game, I absolutely love it!!! It never gets boring, because you never get the same puzzle! I honestly don't have anything bad to say about it, although if you speak any of the other languages included, you may be disappointed that there aren't as many categories as the English has. The themes also add to the games' uniqueness. That's honestly all I can say. It's great.

The Rating


The Recommendation

I definitely recommend this game, check out Ensenasoft's other games!!

The Price